My Currier Card

What is the My Currier Card?

The My Currier Card is an innovative way for Museum guests to EARN a Membership! It's easy. Come to the Currier to earn stamps. Six stamps in a year earns you a FREE Individual Membership ($50 value).

What gets me a stamp for My Currier Card?

Many events and programs at the Currier Museum of Art will get you a stamp:

  • Visiting the Museum, even on Saturday mornings (free for NH residents)!
  • Attending a program at the Museum, Zimmerman House or Art Center
  • Attending Currier After Hours
  • Make a purchase in the Museum Shop or the Winter Garden Café
  • Visiting the Art Reference Library and Archive

What if I lose my card?

If you check in at the Museum and give your name to our Guest Services Representatives, we can give you a new card and credit for past events attended. Only events in this calendar year at the shop and Guest Services desk will count towards a stamp.

Can I upgrade my free Individual Membership once I’ve earned six stamps?

Yes! You can pay the difference between an Individual Membership (worth $50) and the higher level of Membership. You can also combine two completed My Currier Cards to receive a Household membership.

How do I redeem my completed My Currier Card?

Visit our friendly Guest Services representative with your completed card and your Membership will be issued to you in a week!

Is my card transferrable to a friend?

No. We ask that if you sign up for a card, you attend the events or programs to receive your six stamps. You can, however, give an unstamped card to a friend as a gift. Please have them fill the card out with their information and obtain the stamps at our various events and programs.

Why do I need to share my contact information to receive a card?

We use your contact information to track your progress towards a Membership, in case you lose your card or forget to bring it with you. When you sign up for your My Currier Card you will also receive information about upcoming events where you can get your card stamped.

I’m already a Member, can I participate in the My Currier Card?

Thank you so much for being a Member! The My Currier Card is designed for people who are new to the Currier Museum of Art’s Membership program. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to the Currier.

After my first year of free Membership, can I earn another free year?

The My Currier Card is good for one free year of Membership. After that, we hope you see the value of being a Member and choose to support the Museum by purchasing a Membership.