Painterly to Precise: Richard Estes at the Currier and Still Life: 1970s Photorealism on view now.

Currier in the Community

The Currier Museum of Art and Currier Museum Art Center offer a variety of programs off-site at community organizations throughout New Hampshire.


Two girls outside coloring; hair braided; smiling at camera.
Art From Art

The Currier Museum Art Center offers Art from Art for groups of students who are unable to attend Art Center-based classes or would benefit from specially-designed programs at the Art Center. This is a creative arts program consisting of four weeks of multi-media art lessons focusing on the Currier Museum of Art’s collection. This program is particularly suitable for after-school programs, and children and adults with disabilities. For more information and to discuss the possibility of scheduling an Art From Art program for your school or organizations, please call (603) 669-6144 x 172 or email

Art Talks

Adult Art Talks  highlight themes within the museum’s collection in a 60-minute program led by a museum staff member. These programs are suitable for libraries, community organizations, service organizations, and retirement communities. All programs take place at your organization and can be coupled with a tour of the museum. Below is a list of available topics.

Welcome to the Currier Museum of Art
Introduction to Exploring Art
From Anonymous to Aponovich: New Hampshire History Through Art
Women in Art
European and American Impressionism

For program descriptions, prices, and to request a program in your community, please call (603) 669-6144 x 113 or email