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From Birds to Beasts: Audubon's Last Great Adventure


May 23, 2015 - August 30, 2015

Key image for: From Birds to Beasts: Audubon's Last Great Adventure

During the Industrial Revolution, as the United States grew westward, there was great public fascination with America’s unique and varied wildlife. John James Audubon shared that enthusiasm and sought to take advantage of it by portraying these animals in drawings and etchings, which he included in limited edition books. While best known for his precise studies of birds, this exhibition will feature his interest in mammals, most of which were drawn to appear in their natural settings. Easing Audubon’s struggle to accurately recreate these creatures, the animals were often made available to him stuffed and mounted in displays. Audubon’s artworks became immensely popular in England and across the U.S., and remain some of the finest studies of American wildlife in existence. This exhibition is the result of collaboration between the Currier and New Hampshire Audubon, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. NH Audubon is making their limited edition (1845-1848) Audubon portfolio available for display for the first time in the state.

Image credits: John James Audubon, American Red Fox, 1845-48, Hand-colored lithograph. John James Audubon, American Black Bear, 1845-48, Hand-colored lithograph. Courtesy of New Hampshire Audubon, Concord, New Hampshire

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The Currier’s presentation of From Birds to Beasts: Audubon's Last Great Adventure is sponsored by People’s United Bank, John Swope and an anonymous donor.