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Remaking the Past: Finding Layered Histories in Archival Materials

Jan 26

2 p.m. Adult Programs

Participate in a lively conversation about the process of interpreting the past through visual and material records. Artist Andrew Witkin, whose special exhibition Exploring the Currier Inside Out, will discuss how archival records shape how we perceive and make meaning of the past. UMass Lowell Professor Kevin Petersen will discuss how a close read of English Renaissance literature expands our historical understanding. Afterwards, continue the conversation with Andrew and Kevin over hot cider and light refreshments, and take a tour of Inside Out with Andrew.


Kevin Petersen Bio:

Kevin Petersen received his Ph.D. in Renaissance Literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is a Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. His work focuses on poetic representations of the past and he is finishing his book on sixteenth-century poetry and anxiety over the succession of the crown in late-Elizabethan England. He has presented his work at a number of conferences, including the Modern Language Association, the Shakespeare Association of America, and the World Shakespeare Congress. At UMass Lowell he is one of the faculty members developing the new online degree program and has developed an online Shakespeare course. Originally from California, Petersen and his family live in the North Shore of Massachusetts.